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Anywhere Fitness: Three Bodyweight Exercises that can be done away from the Gym.

“I don’t have time to go to the gym”. “Gym is too expensive”. “I don’t know where to start”. Many people are of the opinion that in order to have a good physique, it is mandatory to go to gym. This is not true. You have with you, always and everywhere, a portable gym. Your own body. There are many exercises from which to choose, but I recommend starting with just three: Pushups, Sit-ups and Squats.

Why these three?

Pushups work not only the chest, but also abdominals, triceps, shoulders and trunk. They have been called, by ACE (American Council on Exercise), a “perfect exercise”. More details on the benefits of pushups can be found on the website WebMD.

Together with following a balanced diet, performing sit-ups will result in a strong and well balanced abdominal region. This area is essential to all movement, be it to maintain good posture or to improve athletic performance.

Squats work primarily the quadriceps and gluteus, but also involve the hamstrings, calves and lower back. The conjunction of all these muscle groups working together, results in a swift and profound increase in muscle mass, when compared to other exercises.

How to get started:

We already know which exercises to use. However physical training is not only a matter of “doing more exercises” but also of, following a training program. You should follow a progression which allows a smooth transition toward physical preparation. A program that develops your capabilities through a series of incremental steps. All of these must be attainable but also challenging. There are countless exercise programs on the Net; however we can choose a group of programs available for free.  These are:

For Pushups:

For Sit-ups:

For Squats:

To discover at which level of intensity to start each program you need to perform an “initial test” for each of the exercises. This test is quite simply performing the maximum number of repetitions (with good form), of each exercise.

After this consult the programs, choose on which days you will exercise and do all three programs on the same day. The rest is up to you and you determination. With discipline on your part you will be able to achieve, in about seven weeks of training, 100 Pushups, 200 Sit-ups and, 200 Squats.

Following this simple structure you will have a program that works the whole body, can be done anywhere, with a defined beginning point, an indication of what to strive for and, which doesn’t require gym membership or equipment.

Remember that your safety must always come first. Do not begin this, or any other exercise program, without contacting your doctor. Pay particular attention to your heart rate and signs of overexertion.

Try out the program and let me know your progress on Facebook!

Good Luck!

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