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Luanda Cartoon: The International Comic Art Festival

Hi again. This time round let us speak about something a little different, about Luanda Cartoon: The International Comic Art Festival!

Annually since 2005, this Comic Art Festival has been bringing together Comic Book Artists, Cartoonists, Illustrators and Animators in a gathering where professionals, amateurs and fans can rub shoulders.

The 9th Edition of the ever popular International Comic Art Festival will run until 24 August,  with events divided between two venues: The Camões Institute (Instituto Camões) and at Belas Shopping.

Organized by Olindimar Estúdio, the event will offer displays of Comic Book Art, sessions of various Animated Films, related thematic Workshops and Inaugural presentations of various new Comic Books. There will be something for everyone.

This year´s Festival, named Luanda Cartoon, will host approximately 30 Angolan Cartoonists who will be displaying their creative work. These include Olímpio de Sousa, Lindomar de Sousa, Tché Gourguel, Horácio da Mesquita, Armando Pululu, Casimiro Pedro, King André, Pai Jota, Canoth Júnior, Altino Chindele, Ermenegildo Pimentel and the Eclips.

Alongside these national artists, a further 11 from outside the country are also expected. In attendance will be creators such as Eduardo Barbier from France. Hugo Teixeira, João Mascarenhas, João Amaral, Nuno Saraiva and Teresa Pestana from Portugal. Alexandre and Adams Damas from Brazil. Makhmud Eshonkulov from Uzbekistan. Zorito Chiwanga from Mozambique and Jeremie Nsingi (RDC).

Have you missed the fun thus far? There is still time for you to see some of the upcoming Animated Films! On the 20, 21, 23 and 24 of August the Instituto Camões will be displaying various short films provided by the Alliance Française of Luanda, as well as Animated Films produced by Olindomar Estúdio. Some examples of what you can still watch are:  “Persépolis”, by Marjane Satrapi, (on 05/09/12) and “O Mágico” by Sylvain Chomet (on 19/09/12).

I hope you enjoy what is on offer at Luanda Cartoon. When my schedule permits I will drop by. Perhaps we will bump into each other!

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