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Graduation Ceremony – Performing Arts: Cinema and TV.

index4Hello again.

It is with great pleasure that I share this very special moment, from the City of Los Angeles, int the State of California, in the USA. I have finally finished my Bachelor of Fine Arts – Film and Television, which has been a  extremely in-depth course in the fields of Performing Arts, TV, Cinema and Communication.

To reach this level took may thousands of hours; of study; of work; of dedication, and of perseverance. Which included moments of joy, sadness, but also of great hope. Hope that I would reach this goal, which in itself is a foundation for the future.

I learned acting largely through private lessons and through my work on the 2 fictional TV series: Voo Directo and Windeck, where I also gained much practical experience.

index1Then I discovered that I could go still further and decided to invest in some top notch training, so as to raise my level of competence. I therefore enrolled in an University in the United States. I chose to study in the United States because it is the world leader and trend setter with regards to Cinema and Television. It was a great opportunity to work with the best.

With my preevious work, and with the succesfull conclusion of this phase, I hope to, ind some way, serve as an inspiration for all other youth who want to train and learn. For the youth that want to be the biggest and best in their respective fields. Knowledge is the best weapon and it takes us to places which we never imagined we could reach. It is not easy, but if it was, it would not be worth it, in the end. Nothing is impossible, you just need to believe. If you work towards your goal, giving your best, all you need is belief. God will show you the way, because nothing is impossible for Him


As we progress and gain true knowledge, we begin to feel the need to share, to be able to grow. We feel the need to discover new talents, and to help others who are beginning their professions, to go further. Every time I have an opportunity to act elsewhere in the world, I am bathed in the feeling that it is through the Arts, through Culture, and through Communication, that I can make the most difference. Wherever I go I always try to to leave something of the qualities that characterize all Angolans that strive to polish their talents.

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