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Wellness is simply “Being Well”! An intro to healthy living.

Wellness? What is it?

Every year thousands of books are published about Health, Wellness and Fitness. Many appear to be well grounded but we also see many different, and often contradictory, perspectives. Which is the right perspective? Which approach to use? There is so much information!

I have explored some of these perspectives and have come to see that Wellness can be thought of as the result of interplay between three factors: Nutrition, Exercise and, Attitude.

Correct Nutrition is essential to Health. However this is an area in which there is much disagreement. Is sugar bad for you? What makes you fat? How do you lose weight? The answer is the adoption of an eating regime that has a solid scientific basis and, which addresses your needs. Some examples of diets which I will analyze are: DASH, TLC, Mayo Clinic, Mediterranean, Vegetarian, among others.

We all know that Exercise is one of the foundations of a healthy life, bringing many advantages to the body. People often complain that “they would like to train” but “just don’t have the time” or that “the gym is too expensive”. Often such statements are more excuses than valid reasons.

What did I mean by “Attitude”? One of the biggest problems resulting from the daily grind is stress. If not controlled, stress can affect all aspects of your life. Don’t let it take the reins! How do you fight this silent and, sometimes invisible threat? One way is through meditation. I know that using that word conjures images of “weird people”, sitting in weird ways, muttering weird things. What I am proposing is something much simpler, a temporary refuge from the confusion, for a few minutes. They may not seem like much but; these practices produce positive health effects that have been verified countless times.

Join me! Every week I will have suggestions for these areas. Can I count on you?


Welcome to my blog!

Hi. I am Micaela Reis, welcome to my blog.

Here I will be giving you, the reader, occasional glimpses “behind the scenes” of my life as an Actress and Celebrity and bringing you up to date with what is happening in Angola.

As we all know life is not always glamour and glitz. Therefore I want to introduce you to the “real Micaela”. I will share with you my interests, my hopes and dreams and occasionally my fears. It is my hope that you will see that the person “behind the camera” has much in common with you. The internet is a means whereby people can come closer; I hope that as this blog develops we can become friends.

Topics I will be regularly posting about include Music, Theatre, Television, Health, Fitness, Sport, Fashion, Literature, Photography, Fine Art and, Travel. In each of these I will be sharing insights about Angola, but also about Portugal (where some of my family still lives), as well as the more exotic locations where my work takes me.

I have a particular interest in sharing Angola itself with you.  I am passionate about my country and hope to arouse this same passion in you. I will be providing the same “behind the scenes” look at Angola: it´s History, Culture and writing about its possible Future.

It has often been said that one way to create the future is to take particular care of our children. I believe in this view and I hope that my blog, as well as the daily efforts which it discusses, will help in the struggle we all share: preparing our children to be responsible, productive members of society.

I hope you enjoy your time on my blog.

Is there any aspect of my “behind the scenes life” which you are curious about? Feel free to let me know by dropping me an email.

I hope to hear from you soon.